founder’s note

Welcome to pH Factor: an old-school brick and mortar store.

Many years of thinking, planning, patience and collecting. This was a dream I dreamed with my eyes open.

I started pH Factor because I truly love objects that are created with care and meaning (for my jewelry, go to I went to art school; I admire good design and craftsmanship. I also love the odd, the offbeat, and the eccentric (this applies to people as well as to things). Combine it with a love for travel, and here I’ve got a wonderful platform — it’s exciting to visit trade shows and flea markets, and wander to far-flung places in search of remarkable things. What’s not to like about chic jewelry, lush velvets, crisp taffetas and gorgeous scarves…?

Yes, things are merely things. But we are surrounded by things. And without our knowledge or consent, all things affect us. They affect us in the sense that they attract us upwards or downwards, towards our past or towards our future. In the things we create and choose, we reveal our innermost aspirations.

So pH Factor is a paean of style and elegance. It’s an homage to the simple, the well-made, the quirky and the sublime. Come by to look, touch, smell and appreciate what we’ve created and curated — over a cup of coffee, a conversation, and a damned funny joke.

Priyadarshini Himatsingka
Founder & Creative Director

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